Managed IT Services


Managed IT Made Simple

If you’re tired of dealing with the burden of complicated business technology, MOJI has the IT support you need.

Our strategic IT support and IT management solutions take the stress out of using technology and put the simplicity back in. Simplicity that allows you to be more competitive, more efficient and more productive with the IT you count on every day.

With Managed Services from MOJI you can:

Get back to basics in your key business operations instead of dealing with IT issues and problems. Increase productivity with IT that simplifies your business experience. Budget accordingly with a flat rate IT plan that delivers all your needs.

If your business should require IT support consulting, network and server support, network consulting and integration services, IT management services, computer network maintenance services, systems management services, wireless networking, technology consulting, or on-site and remote support, we’ve got the solution.

The commitment of our experienced staff of professionals to deliver optimal support gives you the freedom to take back the reins of your business. By relying on our expert Moji Manged Service maintenance, you’re all set to take your business to the next level.


Moji Managed Services include all of the common solutions a small, medium, and even some large organizations need to function.

  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Protection for servers and workstations
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Protection Monitoring & Reporting
  • Auto-fix actions such as disk cleanup and de-fragmentation
  • Remote support agents on every computer
  • Volume level enterprise backup for servers
  • All support and maintenance on servers, workstations, mobile devices, and more!
  • Cloud managed windows encryption
  • Email Spam filtering
  • Windows server and workstation patching