Windows Patch Management

Save yourself the time and effort in patching vulnerabilities

How safe is the software you use? Do you have a system in place to identify vulnerabilities and patch them when they are discovered? How quickly do you react to vulnerability reports?

These are questions that any computer user should address and be vigilant about, as recent reports reveal worrying news that vulnerabilities targeting popular software are on the rise. Disregard for patching represents a significant and growing problem for businesses of all sizes, as according to latest figures, untrustworthy software is responsible for over 90 percent of data breaches worldwide.

In order to stay safe, your organization’s software has to be managed throughout its life cycle and updates and hotfixes have to be regularly monitored and installed. It’s an extremely arduous task for systems administrators to cope up with given the volume and frequency of such patches and the amount of time and effort involved in identifying, testing and installing problem-free patches on vulnerable systems is enormous.

Windows Patch Management

Failing to patch systems effectively can result in anything from minor security breaches to bringing your entire network down, so don’t sit on it and gamble your business away. We offer Patch Management for Windows and third-party software updates. Our service is not just about the technology we use to safely and efficiently deploy missing vulnerabilities; it’s also about our expert patch management team and the best practice approach we use to determine, prioritize and recommend patches based on the true risk of each vulnerability to your business.